just lo finished.

We'd like to announce the official end of Just Lo Fi.

This, by the way, is from the 1000th post we have made on the site (not counting replies, of course). That's a lot of wasted time, and we're very proud. (And in that time, we have used the word "fuck" a disappointing 565 times.)

Just Lo Fi began as a band, a badly-named and just generally bad one at that. It then became a website as well. After Wilkins' repeated requests for a page on which to rant his rants, it became a blog , a term I loathe and detest, and can apply only in hindsight.

And, for a while, it was a very big thing for us. If I recall correctly there were even other people who just read the site, despite the fact that they weren't directly involved. How novel!

But since those halcyon days, things have slowed down, and JLF no longer serves as the vital outlet of these bored highschoolers. So in the spirit of progress, we have decided to kill it. Thanks for reading.

The content formerly found at justlofi.com now lives at http://old.justlofi.com no longer exists. If you are looking for any of the JLF boys, shoot us an email.

And as for the band, we've been told that killing any more music would violate the terms of our parole.